Pine Honey (Lebanon)

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Pine forest makes up a large proportion of the woodland cover of Lebanon. The needles also produce acidic soil which reduces wild flowers and attracts insects such as aphids that live in between the needles. They feed on the tree sap and expel the honey dew.

Honeybees collect the sweet secretions and process them into dark-colored, full-flavored honeydew honey. Pine honey, along with other honeydew honeys, is highly prized in some European and Asian countries for its reputed healing properties and culinary value.

Benefits of Pine Honey:

  • Antioxidant activities
  • High levels of phenolic compounds
  • Present flavonoids it contains.
  • Aids age-related conditions
  • Helps heart disease
  • Prevents cancer by supporting cells
  • Macular degeneration (age related blurred vision)
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Speeds metabolism
  • Antibacterial
  • Good source of potassium
  • Contains all essential minerals
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