Amrita Honey brings you complete and convenient access to a plethora of premium quality products ranging from organic food products to premium quality items gifts for everyday use. We are committed to deliver the highest quality and the best value to our customers. We are owners, marketers, and distributors of an array of brands known for their exceptional quality and authenticity.

As the first company in the UAE to introduce premium food products, we cater not just to retailers and wholesalers but also to individuals seeking natural, organic, and high quality products. Aiming to raise your standard of living in every sense, we have expanded our outreach far beyond the food and beverage industry. Yet, our pure and organic food products remain the insignia of our brand, whether you need the purest form of honey or olive oil, Amrita Honey sources the most authentic and genuine products for you.

At Amrita Honey, our vision is to ensure your well-being through products you can rely on. Staying true to our mission, we are creating an oasis of organic & natural products combining both simplicity and purity. Our success is built upon our care for the community and how it has driven our efforts over the years. Our endeavours have helped us become a key player in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of pure and premium products in the market.

The value we promise at Amrita Honey is enjoyed equally by our partners, customers, and the consumers of our high-end products. We have come a long way and are willing to travel extra miles to guarantee you an unobstructed access to purity and quality.

Amrita Honey is owned and managed by Blossom and Bloom General Trading LLC